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The brand new Super Latex Sports Drink (HALF) is now available!

A very realistic glass looking Sports Drink bottle that will allow you to perform wonderful tricks!

After the great success of the "Super Latex Cola" product line in the market, many magicians around the world, emailed us to ask for a Sports Drink looking glass model, that will resemble any classic bottle of Gatorade, Powerade or Sporade drink in the world.

We work hard in our factory to find a universal model of the classic glass bottle and we founded!

This is the half version, a bottle precisely made out of two pieces that fit to perfection and are totally sealed for liquid, made of our well known patented Super Latex material that will allow you to perform multiple effects, the limit is your imagination!

Load anything inside of the bottle and make it appear at any time. A Sports Drink bottle that looks 100% real!

You can even show it a few inches away from your spectators. A useful magic prop that, can be used in many different ways.


1) Vanishing a bottle half full of liquid:

Show a bottle full of liquid, open it and fill a glass with liquid, so the bottle remains half full. Now introduce the bottle inside of an empty paper bag and magically vanish it!

2) Sports Drink to Watch:
Imagine you borrow a watch during your show and you make it vanish it. Now at the end of your show you offer a reward in exchange for the watch to the spectator... It is a Sports Drink Bottle... The spectator does not look very convinced, so you open the bottle, that is full of liquid and pour out half of it into a glass. Now Place the bottle inside of an empty paper bag, wave your hand on top of it and you transform the bottle into the spectators watch. You take the watch out of the bag and hand it to the spectator. To prove the bottle is gone, you now crumple all the bag into your fist in a little paper ball, proving

Super Latex Sports Drink (Half) by Twister Magic - Trick - B00KLE5EB0

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